An SEO Case Study for a Home Health Care Business

Our Results for Home Health Care Business

Please don’t take our word for whether we can deliver SEO wins for your business.


We put this case together for you, showing the results from one of our client campaigns.

Rosemont Care Group received 36 increased keyword rankings and 63 new rankings from 12/21/2021 – to 3/22/2022.

The Rosemont Care Group sales grew 22% in the first four months after hiring our SEO agency.

That’s right—double twos.

UPDATE 1/12/23

The Rosemont Care Group sales grew another 50% in 2022! That’s on top of the 22% increase we brought in for them at the end of 2021!!

What We Did to Grow Their Business So Fast

Wrote 10 Service Pages – We noticed content gaps missing from their site for money keywords. We created content that filled those gaps and ranked fast. Once we wrote the content, we optimized it for those money keywords. Good things happened for the client when we did.

Rewrote Titles/Descriptions for All Pages – The sooner we get a client’s phone ringing, the better. Title tags are huge rank factors in SEO algorithms. Plus, it is quick work if you have the right writers. So we jumped in and rewrote all the meta titles and descriptions the client had in place. We also tied in local keywords to the mix.

50+ Business Directories – In local SEO, listings in relevant directories are gold. We made sure their business got listed on all the right ones. This work was going on while our writers took care of the writing duties listed above.

Link Outreach –  In local SEO campaigns, relevant and local links deliver quick wins. Proper link building is a subset of business development, not hoodwinking algorithms. We conducted link outreach to relevant blogs in our client’s niche and offered guest posts. This resulted in 17 links.

Added Internal Links – A confused Google search crawler hurts SEO profits in a big way. We took the time to unconfuse the bots by adding internal links in all the right places.

What’s Next for You Though?

At Your SEO Squad, we know that you want Google to send you a river of free customers every month.

To do that, you need a minion that understands how to get real SEO results.

The problem is simple.

  • You’re having a hard time ranking your website on Google for your main keywords. It is starting to make you wonder if you have what it takes to master SEO.
    Life is too short to spend it sitting on the bench getting outranked by lesser competitors.

Our team understands how to get SEO Wow results for small businesses.
We have run 13,277 SEO campaigns for clients since 2009.

Here's How We Do It:

1) You get effective SEO services from us that deliver you fast, WOW results.

2) You get a steady stream of new prospects and customers hitting your website every month.

3) You pick up a new hobby or two with the extra time and profit our services generate for you.

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So, you can stop spinning your wheels, live life on your terms, and make a bunch more money.