An SEO Case Study for a Law Firm in Las Vegas

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Our Results for The Las Vegas Law Frim

Words are cheap. 

Talk gets even cheaper when it comes from someone pitching you. We’re sure you’re aware of that reality already.

We put this case together for you, showing the results from one of our client campaigns.

The period March 14, 2021 – to April 12, 2021, The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm received 1935 organic visitors from SEO.

From March 14, 2022 – to April 12, 2022, that number climbed to 3910 organic visitors a year later. This increase equated to a 102.07% increase in Organic Users.

On top of this increase in traffic, The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm reported a significant increase in revenue. The number they quoted to us was something close to a 15X return on all their SEO dollars.

A Confused Search Crawler is Never a Good Thing

The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm website had 75 pages and blog posts that were not doing anything. 

This means:

  • The pages were not ranking on Google
  • They did not have backlinks from outside domains
  • No social media traffic was hitting the pages either
  • No internal traffic either

The empty pages were burning up the firm’s crawl budget. This deficit led the content to confuse the search crawlers.

In SEO, less is more for the most part. 

In our experience, we always see a significant organic increase when we fix this issue.

In this case, our squad pruned the pages by merging some and deleting others. After that, we set the appropriate 301 redirects and started redesigning their website.

Rebuilt Site with Technical SEO Practices, and moved hosting to WPengine.

The site was bulky and slow, and hard to optimize because of how it was built. Where the site was hosted was also affecting page speed.

Since we needed to migrate the site, we went all in and redesigned it for Search Engine Optimization and conversions.

The client approved the new design, and we launched it in May of 2021.

This new design resulted in an increase in organic traffic from Google.

We Then Wrote Over 50 New Blog Posts!

The firm’s website was missing content for their competitors’ long-tail keywords. 

Focusing blog posts on these long-tail keywords produced another sure in organic traffic.

We made sure to get our client’s approval on each post to make sure she felt they added value to her readers.

Then we added internal links to them to improve the rankings on the existing pages we were promoting. This move improved their traffic too.

We Rewrote All The Existing Meta Titles and Descriptions

At this point, we felt the meta titles needed some work too.

We optimized all the meta descriptions to win clicks. Which is a fancy way of saying we wrote them to entice searchers to want to read them.

Our SEO Squad added local keywords where appropriate.

It was hard to measure the increase in traffic this work brought in because we did it simultaneously as we did other work.

We are very confident it helped us increase traffic, though.

Business Directories Improve Local SEO Rankings

At this campaign stage, we found over 150 relevant online directories that did not list the firm.

Our squad jumped into action and got them listed on them all. This work was straightforward and also resulted in a traffic increase.

Internal Links and Outbound Links to Authority Sites in Legal Niche

We added internal links throughout the site in all the right places too.

This move made it easier for Google to understand its website content.

An unconfused Google is a good thing for your business. 

After that, we linked out to authority sites in the legal niche everywhere, which added value.

Traffic increased again.

What Backlinks are the Right Kind of Backlinks for Your Website?

At this stage, we upgraded our link outreach efforts to niche-related blogs.

These blogs were:

  • Relevant to the Law Firm
  • Received Real Traffic from Google
  • Did Not Contain Footprints of PBN or Fake Sites

We also started paying close attention to Help a Reporter Out (HARO) opportunities. This service got the firm client many links because they were very open to sharing their legal expertise.

We Added New Lead Magnets to All Their Main Pages

While all this work was going on, we wanted to help our client get more cases from the extra traffic.

We accomplished this by creating lead magnets in the form of checklists for each of their main pages. We created a “How to Keep Your Home in a Divorce” Checklist in PDF format. We created a landing page for it, wrote an email series, and made a thank you page. After that, we added banners to the lead magnet to all the divorce pages on the site.

The 14 lead magnet campaigns we created DID NOT improve their SEO rankings. This strategy had zip, zero, and zilch to do with SEO, but our client LOVED the results! 

It was hard to measure the increase in traffic this work brought in because we did it simultaneously as we did other work.

We are very confident it helped us increase traffic, though.


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